Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On the same theme...........

My youngest step-daughter is expecting her second child at the end of summer, which means that the needles have been clicking. Since they don't know the sex of the baby, blues and pinks in any shade are out, although I am not a huge fan of the pastel baby colours anyway. I am sticking to bolder greens etc. and muted neutrals. The inspiration for this combo came from the hat Baby Sheep Hat by Melissa Burt which is based on the Sheep Yoke Cardigan by Jennifer Little http://lookingglassknits.blogspot.com.

I decided to knit a raglan using part of the motif for the hat and cardigan. I have such a wonderful stash that finding the approprate yarn was not the issue. I used RYC Cashcotton DK in Apple and RYC Cashsoft Baby in Blue Boy. The white and black sheep are bubble cotton remnants. I placed two sheep on the front band and one on the back.

The buttons are green leather that match the Apple, I have button holes on both sides of the bands that way when I know if it's a boy or a girl I can sew them on.