Thursday, May 31, 2007

Meet Asics

James called from Boulder early yesterday morning to let me know he had sent me a couple of pictures. As he ran in the Bolder Boulder on Monday, I thought, race pictures. When I opened them up this is what I saw, he has adopted a 6 month old Chow/Golden Retreiver mix from the Boulder Humane Society. Look at those paws, this is going to be a big boy - but who could resist that blue tonge and love eyes. James has already signed up for "puppy classes" and is working on socialization with other dogs, people and especially children. I hope Asics likes to run, because whether he likes it or not, he's going to be a running buddy, after all he's going to have to live up to his name.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I"m in the book

While in Barnes and Noble last weekend, I happened to notice they had two copies of the new Nicky Epstein felting book, Knitting Never Felt Better I was surprised to see it as I thought it wasn't coming out until the end of the month, but there it was. I approached it will glee, snatched it up and quickly began to rifle through the pages. I found the page, then went to find Bill - he just had to see.

He was where is always is in bookstores, the tech isle. I know that I must have been beaming like a fool when he looked at me. "I'm in the book", I said.

There was my name on page 97, (the colourwork section of the book). As I had submitted a few tips I wasn't sure which one they had used, now I know. Even though I am to receive a signed copy of the book (a thank you for my tip), I couldn't leave the book in the store, not when I can provide it a safe home, Bill agreed whole heartedly. (This technique has worked for almost 25 years of our marriage, how do you think I got the four dogs).

This will be my first project from the book, the Angel Puff Scarf, knitted with Rowan Kidsilk Haze. I would like mine a little longer so will use two balls instead of the one suggested in the pattern (have some in the stash).
It's a wonderful book, you will not be disappointed if you purchase it. I am a huge fan of Nicky's, she is a very inventive, creative artist, yet she never seems to over complicate what she does. Her patterns are straight forward, easy to follow, and the finished product looks just as it should.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rowan Exchange

It's that time of the year and the Rowan Exchange partners have been paired up. I thought about this for, rummaged through the stash, and selected what I think are perfect patterns and yarns. My recipient like "berry colours" and girly knits.

Allthings Heather sock yarn in Valentine, and a pattern from the Interweave Favorite Socks book, I have changed my mind since I took this picture and opted not to do Go with the Flow, but Uptown Book Sock instead.

I like to include fun extras with my exchange, which can limit my shipping space, therefore the other project is ...............................

this beautiful beaded scarf by Louisa Harding from the Hats Gloves Scarves: Easy Designer Knits for Family and Friends book.

I have choosen clear beads and this wonderful Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre in Bright, I know the picture looks red, but it's actually a berry wine colour.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Sockapalooza 4

The pattern and yarn for Sockapalooza 4. The pattern is Saucy by Cider Moon, a free PDF, an easy cable with a great heel and toe combination.

The yarn took awhile to find, I had a rummage through the stash but I couldn't find yarn to suit. I ordered yarn online, but when it arrived it just didn't seem right for what I had in mind.

Another rummage through the stash and careful reading of my pals information brought me to this, Wildflowers, dyed by Dani Frisbi at Sunshine Yarns. It fits the bill to a tee. The yarn is super soft with a slight bloom, 100% superwash merino.

I think the yarn colours will be perfect for the pattern, bright, vivid, vibrant and flowery - perfect winter sock when one dreams of summer.
Will post pictures of progress when I start.
Rowan Exchange pictures tomorrow. I started the first project, but changed by mind and frogged out - restarted with a new pattern and am enjoying this one much better.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

3 In A Bed................

There were 3 in the bed and the little one said, "Roll over".

As you can see the dogs that sleep together stay together. All that is except............

Scotia, wants no part of "sleeping on the floor", even if it is on a dog bed. Her spot is permanently fixed on the back of the couch.

New yarn to show, the one on the right is sKNITches "plum pudding" and the one on the left is Hand Maiden Mini Maiden in colour B, which I actually think is missed lettered, as it looks more like Moss to me than the colour it was supposed to be.

I also purchased two dpn cases, my dpn collection was getting slightly out of control, and I thought it was time I put it in some kind of order.

The cases are by Red Corset Designs, Connie, cleverly mixed and matched for me, one having a plain cover and printed inside, the other a printed cover and plain inside. I love the colours, dark green plain and green and brown printed. I now have my dpns installed in their new home.

The next installment in the Tsarina Sock Club arrived. The pattern is Cookie's Garden, I am constantly amazed at the sheer genious of her designs. The yarn is ValCalcar, a pea green, deep red, and hand painted spring colourway.

It also includes 4 small red beads and 2 ladybird beads.
I would love this to be my next project, however with Sockapalooza 4 and Rowan Exchange 2007 take priority. I have already decided on yarn and pattern for Sockapalooza and also for the Exchange. I have taken pictures of both and will be showing them in the next few days. The Exchange is first as it will be mailed by the 11th of July, Sockapalooza is not until the 2nd of August.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Summer Yarn

Yarn dyers are in a summer mood, I love the sunny colours of these yarns. They can really put you in a happy mood when you see their beautiful blending colourways.

Hand Maiden 2ply cashmere in Stone
(I have become a huge Hand Maiden fan)
All Things Heather in Skinny Dippin
The Loopy Ewe Sock Club
Madeline Tosh in Firefly
Colour Spectrum Club

Zen Yarn Garden in Spring Garden
Pick Up Sticks Sock Club

Sunshine Yarns in Airy TD
Sunshine Yarns Sock Club

I received my Sockapalooza Pal last week and my Rowan Exchange Partner yesterday. It's such fun being part of an exchange, knitting something for someone you will never meet and having someone knitting for you. I have my Sockapalooza sock pattern picked out and I ordered the yarn last week from Pick Up Sticks, hard to believe I didn't have the right colour combinations in my stash. I am pondering a few ideas over for the Rowan Exchange, still haven't made my mind up yet, will spend a little time pouring over pattern books.

I got a rather unexpected email today from Rowan International, as a thank you for providing feedback on what I wanted to see in the Winter 2007 Rowan #42, they would like to seen me a Rowan Classic Book of my choice or 2 of the Rowan Studio brochures, I choose the RYC Coast book. I love free knitting stuff.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


James and his friend Sierra

Tulips on Pearl Street

Farmers Market

When we had rain,
the mountains had snow

Lake House

Patiently waiting at the Arts and Crafts Fair

It was a wonderful trip, even though the weather was not the most cooperative. Boulder is a beautiful town, very clean with free and easy inhabitants. The best part is that James seems content with life and you can't ask for more than that.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm back...............

I have returned safe and sound from Boulder. It was a wonderful visit with James, I saw where he lives and works, and understand why he is in love with this incredible community. I am busy unpacking and putting things to right, so pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. I was up at 7:30 and am thinking that since I am recovering from a two hour delay an afternoon nap might be in order. It's nice to go away but it's always nice to come home, no one makes a cup of tea like I do.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Almost 75% of myself

I just returned from having my nails manicured, I am typing this two fingered as they dry. As the title says I am almost 75% of myself, I am becoming more and more of myself each day. The headache, earache, toothache and neckache are totally gone, not sure if all of those are really one word answers, however at this moment I really don't care.
I did go and weigh in at WW, I really needed to know that after living through the dreaded "whatever this was" that I had to have gained something to my advantage. I knew the minute I walked in I should leave, the associate waiting to weigh me was a woman I had encountered only once before, and vowed then to never seek her support again (story is far to long to relay any details, but trust me "she is to be avoided at all cost"). I stepped on the scale and she giggled with glee, "oh my gosh you lost 9 lbs.", I knew that couldn't be correct, I had been ill but this ventured on the Twilight Zone realm. Between telling me this and returning to the screen she lost all the vital information and we had to begin again. Once again I stepped on the scale, "it's giving me different information", says she, "really?" says I. This time I had lost 2.8 lbs, more in the realm of reality I am thinking. She quickly printed out my sticker and even more rapidly adhered it to my booklet. I being ever curious asked if we could try the weigh in again on another scale, "oh no", says she, "we can't do that", "why?", I ask, "not allowed to", says she. I am 100% positive that I left with the "so called blank expression on my face", truly baffled and a little (as my mother would say) bamboozled. There you have it, at sometime between Monday and today, during my visits to the bathroom and my inbibing cups of tea I lost either 9 lbs or 2.8 lbs or some other lbs inbetween.
I will be on the plane this afternoon at 4:00 and heading out to Boulder, not exactly the fun filled weekend I had planned. I am fully intending on enjoying myself but on a kinder, gentler scale (light food and very limited alcohol).
To close this whole experience, this week has reminded me of a visit donkeys years ago of my paternal grandmother to our house in Scotland. My mother the ever adventerous cook (not in a good way - and I mean that in the loving sense of the words - my mother is fully aware of her limitations in the cooking department), made a raisin pie. My grandmother was, how do I say this, she was "as sick as a dog", so much so that forever after all we had to do was mention the words "raisin pie" to my grandmother and she would recoil in horror. I fully understand this week how my lovely gentle grandmother felt that weekend and the true meaning of the words "sick as a dog".
All going well, I will be home on Monday and on Tuesday will reconnect, sharing the joy of my weekend in Boulder.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A change is as good as

I felt like a bit of a change, I thought I would try a new look. Feeling better as the day dwindles down, looking forward to feeling even better tomorrow.

Boulder tomorrow

It's been a week since I last blogged, but I do have a valid excuse. The weekends get busy and I usually use that time to catch up on the blogs that I didn't see earlier in the week. However, I had fully intended on Monday to show two of the Hogwarts hats I finished knitting for Charmed Knits, I choose Gryffindor for my first go round but also have the yarn to create a couple of Hufflepuff's. Everything was going well Monday morning, ran around town, did a few chores for my trip tomorrow, and then........................disaster struck. Around 1:30 while sitting at the computer I was struck (like a bolt from the blue) with what I am assuming is food poisoning. I was totally out of commission for a day and a half. Bill, who never stays home from work, went into the office yesterday for an hour to pick up his laptop, then returned to work and also take care of me. My total food consumtion has been two pieces of toast, five spoonfools of chicken broth and a few cups of tea. Bill can always guage when I am really sick, for me to refuse a cup of tea is monumental, a sure sign that all is not well. He even went to the trouble to invesitage new times and dates for my air travel and availability of accommodation. James knew on Monday that I was under the weather, but to have to tell him yesterday that I may not be able to come was heartbreaking, he sounded so let down. We have decided that today will be the make or break on my travel arrangements, I will let him know by 4:00 pm as to whether or not we need to cancel. I woke up this morning with my every queasy stomach, but the pain in my head, neck, ears and teeth are gone (yes every tooth actually hurt and the pain between my ears made it impossible for me to stand for very long). My temperature has almost returned to normal (we hit 101.4 yesterday), and I feel amazingly better than I did yesterday. Using this as my guage I am already anticipating that I will feel even more like myself tomorrow, and have decided that Boulder is still in the plan. It may mean that I consume plain soup and dry wheat toast for fours days but I can live with that, in fact judging by the way I feel, it sounds rather pleasant. I also have all day tomorrow to rest and take it easy as I don't fly out until after 4:00 pm. I have tried to live today as if it were a normal Wednesday, I changed the sheets, washed the towels and done normal household chores and all in all it's hasn't been that bad, I even wound a skein of Yarntini in Sangria for my airplane sock knitting, the power of positive thinking can be a potent force. I know that tomorrow will only be a better day, that with God's grace come 4:00 pm I will be sitting on a United flight to Boulder, Colorado.