Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekend in New York

Adorable husband drove east to visit family for the weekend .We had dinner Thursday night in New Jersey with an old friend and on a very wet and cold Friday morning headed into the city. At first we were going to by pass the city and go straight to Long Island, but when Bill said I could go on a yarn crawl, how could I not. We (by we, I obviously mean me, while Bill either sat in the car or wandered around), visited Purl and Lion Brand Studio, buying a little something at each. As the pictures of Lion Brand are on Bill's phone and Purl on my camera, today you have Purl and tomorrow Lion Brand.

The outside.

The wall of Koigu

The opposite wall of Manos, Kid Silk Haze and Blue Sky Alpaca

The wall of bison, cashmere, and mohair

Bill, insisted on an outside shot

The shop is tiny, but the colour saturates your soul. An important to a knitting tourist, as the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. Located in Soho on Sullivan Street, even though the sign is small you can't miss the colourful entrance way. The cold, wet day made it perfect to wear Lisel made from Noro Furiosde (cotton, wool, silk), bought at Knit One.

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