Thursday, November 15, 2007

I still knit

In case you think I have foresaken knitting in favor of swaps and exchanges I wanted to prove that my needles have been busy. The waving lace socks from 25 Favorites, are in VanCalcer yarn I think the colour is bricks. It's actually a little darker in colour and has a wonderful sheen, this a very pretty socks and I like the pattern so much I may knit myself a pair.

The sweater and hat are a from a kit I bought from Morehouse Farm, I had enough yarn left to knit another hat and pair of mittens in a smaller size for a baby gift. I also finished a cardigan, hat and socks for the baby of my hair stylist but I forgot to take a picture. I used the Shibu Vintage pattern, using All Things Heather Strawberry Surprise colourway, it turned out better than I had hoped and will be doing this again - one skein for a baby gift (about 550 yards) of sock yarn.

The "we call them pirates" hat is for a great-neice, she is into goth and I never know what to give her for
Hanukkah this is perfect, I used KnitPicks Palette in black and white and the free pattern from Hello Yarn. I am also knitting a pair of socks in the new Socks that Rock Raven collection, I have choosen Rauen which as deep wine and brown mixed in with the black.
I have lots of socks going at one time, at the present I have five single socks waiting for their partners, I have to stop jumping from pattern to pattern it's making me dizzy. We are off to Colorado next week for Thanksgiving, I should have lots of time to knit on the plane both going and coming.


sam said...

Love the hat! I'm sure your neice will too.

Barbara said...

These are cozy looking socks and the hat looks fun.