Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring, Spring, Spring...........

When Spring brings a breath of fresh air it clears not only the lungs but also the head.

I am no longer working part-time at the yarn shop, but do still teach there. I enjoy teaching and passing on what I have learned in over 45 years of knitting. It also allows me knit garments I want to knit with a deadline - I have to provide a sample - that impetus is just what I need to get on with the knitting.

My class philosopy is that it shouldn't cost a fortune to knit. So far all the classes I have taught are from free patterns. I offer a wide variety of yarn choices from reasonable to more expensive. The patterns I choose have one or two needle size requirements and the time management has to be reasonable, I don't want the projects to be time consuming or boring.

I recently offered this class

Baby hats using organic cotton and 1824.

I also found this adorable top pattern free on Rosie's Yarn Cellar (under Rosies patterns)

The top is knitted in Rowan 4ply soft from the top down, with the yoke being in garter stitch and the body in trellis lace. I added beads before the increase row on the yoke, and extended the sleeves by 10 rows as I wanted the last row of beads to show. I lengthened the body as I wanted it to be more of a vest than a capelet. The top is very light and airy, and even though 4ply is wool for a cool spring evening this is just the ticket. I am knitting two others to use in the class, one using a raspberry sock yarn that has silver threads spun into the yarn, for the yoke I used silver beads, much more of an evening top. The third also in 4ply soft is a very soft pink with soft pink beads. So far no has signed up for the class, which actually in an odd way doesn't seem to bother me, I think the fact that I have three lovely tops for three lovely teenagers this Christmas is just fine. If I hadn't decided to teach the class I wouldn't have knitted this top.

In March I offered a FLS class, as I result I now have three February Ladies Sweater's, one in Blue Sky Organic Cotton, a second in Malabrigo Worsted, and the third is a child's size using Jaeger Trinity. I don't have pictures as they are at the shop but I will take my camera this week and be sure to get some pictures.

I haven't knitted a pair of socks in a couple of months, I recently bought the new Cookie A. Sock Innovation book, which has sparked my sock light, that and the ever increasing sock yarn stash may mean that socks will once again be on the gift giving list.

I have the added the tzu widget on the right, I can't decide if its cute or creepy, and if it hadn't looked like one of our tzu's I wouldn't have added it. If I find it to creepy it may have to go.


Arianwen said...

Welcome back Isobel, your blog has been missed.Sounds like you have been busy. I like the little top from Rosie's yarn cellar. I might have to give that a go!

Connie said...

What's this? A blog post from Isobel - yay! So good to read about you. Oh - and the Tzu - it's cute but when you move the cursor over it, the dog looks in the direction of where the cursor is - that might be a bit creepy. :) Welcome back!