Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In the mail

The mailman brought a catalogue today.......

Cath Kidson. There are so many things I love, especially the fabric, and the bags, truthfully it's all wonderful.

How can you not be enchanted by the brightly striped knitted blanket, or these

very pretty shoppers.

There are shops in London, Bath, Bicester, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokoyo. I did find a US online store, but it's Autumn/Winter 2006 not Spring/Summer 2007.


Sonya said...

Not looking - closing my eyes to the pretty temptation.

Janie said...

Cath Kidson is pretty scrumptious.

By the way.....hope you don't mind....I have just tagged you over at my blog....about Real Mom's.
Take a look and have a go.

Will be back to read your other postings and comment....soon.