Monday, April 2, 2007

What fun

Took a few pictures outside today, just to let you know that Spring does come to Pittsburgh every once in awhile, even though it may not last.. This wonderful azalea is budding right outside the window by the computer. And the forsythia growns along the pool fenceline.

Tomorrow will be in the mid 70's but by Thursday and Friday we will be in the 30's and there is talk of the dreaded snow.

It's been so much fun today, going around the various knitting blogs and reading all the comments from those who there on Friday to see Stephanie. The big thrill yesterday was to pull up The Yarn Harlot and see my name in the post - not to mention with a link. I screamed when I saw it and I am sure Bill thought something dreadful must have happened. The pictures that everyone posted are great, I have never seen so many pictures of the back of my husband's head. If you would like to see the back of his head follow this trail.................Elocin; Julia; Jen (the front of his head); and Rachel.

Great article in the Trib.

post script: Stephanie mentioned that knitters are the largest group of bloggers - with all that knitting it's amazing we can find the time.

Pick up Sticks sock club arrived in the mail today. Yarn Pirate Ozone yarn (yahoo), and a wonderful pattern by Meghan Jackson - Connie never disappoints.

Pictures tomorrow - new sock books, and I finished my 12 mattresses for "Princess and Pea" present.


Barbara said...

Wow! 70's to 30's and I thught the British weather was bad. Glad the bushes are sprouting though.

Janie said...

I love azalea's, though they are not quite out here yet. Yours look a gorgeous colour.
Aha the princess and the pea...I remember your original post about that one....looking foward to seeing the finished product soon.