Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Real Mums

I have been tagged by Janie, who was initially tagged by her mum, who was tagged by la bellina mammina! I have to write 13 things about being a mum, not to think to hard about it but jott down what comes to mind.

Real mums.................

Have unending patience.

An open heart and mind

Know when to bite their tounges

Know when to give a hug

Wish the day had more than 24 hours

Would like their teenagers to always take their advice

Wish they could hold onto little hands just one more time

Accept their children for who they are, no matter what

Remember how hard it is to be young

Get up early to make sticky apple buns when they come for the holidays

Don't cry when they leave, at least not until they've driven out of view and you've closed the door.

Give their children wings.

Know when to let them fly.

I know a lot of mums (Sheri, Sonya, Connie) read this blog, so if you are a mum consider yourself tagged. Let me know when I can read your Thirteen Real Mum suggestions on your blogs.

ps - If you have never read the wonderful children's author Bob Munsch, (who lives in my home town of Guelph, Ontario), please do. When our son was little we used to go and see Bob at live performances of his books. If you are a real mum his book "Love You Forever" will make you cry. You can listen to it here, for free.


Barbara said...

Isobel, I have loved reading everyone's real Mums. Different for each and yet the same.
Those pics of Islay at Easter are such fun.

Barbara said...

I went into the "LOve your Forever" site and yes it does make you cry. Always so wonderful when someone can turn their suffering into something that is a blessing to others.