Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm in a competition

Hi: I have socks entered in a competion on the Yarnahoy blog. If you want to take a look and vote you will find them here:

The first prize is wonderful sock yarn, which as we know, I can always use.

Take a look and vote if you like them.


Arianwen said...

They are really lovely though I am biased as I didn't look at the others when I cast my vote. Hope you win!

Anonymous said...

I voted!

Hope you had a great weekend. Just wanted to pop by and check in.

Your HSKS Swap Pal

Littlelou said...

Have really enjoyed looking in on your blog!!

Littlelou said...

Hi, Found you by clicking 'knitting' on my profile which then gave me a list of all knit related blogs...its been a great read as i do not have any knit pals in the 'real world'.

Anonymous said...

Your socks rock! I voted for 'em! Hope you win the lovely sock yarn, Isobel!

Connie said...

ok - so I want to vote for your socks but can't seem to see where - can you direct me?