Friday, May 8, 2009


I now have three Liesl's (thank you Ysolda)!!!!!

My first Liesl in Noro's wonderful Furisode, a combination of silk, cotton and wool. I love the colour and feel of this yarn. I have enough to knit a shell for underneath. After reading all the posts of Ravelry I decided to knit the 42" size, it fits and I love it. I purchased the Noro at Knit One North

Second attempt. RYC Soft Lux (in stash), this is the 38" size and it was going to be for my mother, although now I think I will hang on to it. I am not sure if pink is her thing and it sort of turned out more bed jacket than cardigan.

The third attempt and this will be my mother's. Happy mother's day!!! Misty Alpaca silk/cotton (purchased at Knit One) also in the 42" size. I love this yarn when I was knitting the caridgan, silky and drapey. However, when blocked it grew about three sizes, so in the dryer it had to go. After about 25 minutes it returned itself to the size it should be. I did read a post on Ravelry about this yarn, that after washing it did lose its shape, apparantly that is true.

The triplets hanging in a row. I still have an issue with the sleeves on Liesl, they do seem snug, however I find that if you try Liesl on while wet you can ease the top of the sleeve to requirement.


Arianwen said...

They are lovely. Liesl is on my to do list mainly because I love the Book Thief. I bought the pattern for Coraline too for the same reason. I can't wait for my arm to be properly better.

Arianwen said...

Oops forgot to say I love the pink one. Not at all bed jackety but very feminine!