Saturday, July 21, 2007


The day of anticipation started early. I waited in line at Borders for about an hour to receive my orange wrist band, putting me in the first group to receive the midnight book.
The postman brought a wonderful surprise, my first day issue stamps from the Royal Mail. I thought I would have to wait at least a week for them to arrive, but they were in my hand on day of issues.

I ordered three different packages. There are several different issues, I choose all seven books covers (British editions), and the house emblems franked, they are on postcard size envelopes imprinted with my name and address, the post mark is Broom. I also choose a mint edition of the seven book covers (unfranked) and the Presentation Packet (which should arrive today). I am planning on framing them, either individually or one large grouping, haven't decided yet

What we waited for!
They ran out of deluxe editions, I should have a copy by Wednesday. Bill bought me all three versions of the gift cards as a souvenir and with one of them I purchased this copy.

Being interviewed by Rita Skeeter.

Begining the long three hour wait!

It was a fun party, the last 30 minutes was a mass of confusion, with lots of screaming and missinformation. Bill (the wonder boy), found a shorter queu (in the music department), we were about 20th in line. At midnight they passed out the books, and by 12:13 am we were in the car driving home. I ran into a few former students, so much fun to see them and catch up on what they are up to now. I managed to read the first two chapters before falling asleep, and have booked this afternoon for serious chapter turning.

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Linda said...

You look fantastic as does Rita. We've read our (two) copies here and reread them. Lovely, lovely story. very satisfying. I'm going to finish my Slytherin socks which I feel more enthusiastic about now, for obvious reasons.