Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yarn Haul....Part One

Yarntini sent an email last week, she has taken the plunge and set up her own online shop, not Esty, but an actual stocked store. She was uploaded skeins of semi-solid yarn throught the day and depending on when you logged on you might or might not be one of the lucky ones. I check on and off most of the morning and finally mangaged to buy a skein of Port, I also wanted Merlot but sad to say "all gone".

I checked back from time and time and kept looking Maraschino, I am not a red girl, really never have been, but I thought it would make a wonderful exchange gift. I managed to put it in my basket, and felt quite happy that I had managed to score two skeins. The yarn arrived in two days (truth be told Yarntini lives about 20 minutes from me), and I was overjoyed and a little disappointed. Overjoyed that the yarn is amazing in the feel and colour department and disappointed that I had not ordered two the Maraschino, as I am planning on keeping this one and will not be including it in any exchange gifts. The Port is lovely shades of purple, but the Maraschino is a sumptuious colours of red, more cherry cordial with the sun shining through the glass. I cannot wait to see it knitted into a simple cable as I think it will be stunning.

I bought this yarn from Yarnahoy, through her Esty shop, the colour called Indigg, but I think it looks more like summer ices. This would have been my choice for sockopalooza except for the orange. It's 100% Superwash Merino. Yarnahoy is also available on Woolgirl, as are many other terrific indi sock yarns, including Yarntini, when it's in stock. This yarn may be my next pair of socks.

The red snowman is Briar Rose Fibers Angel Face (lace weight) colour is 2018. I have been looking at this for sometime on Pick Up Sticks, I am not a lace knitter but this just seemed to call to me. I took the advantage of it being on sale (really good value) and Connie (that wonderful woman, who is actually going to open a reality store in September, but still maintain the virual one), kindly transferred 2286 mts into two large balls and one little one, just like a really hot snowman.

Connie included a special little surprise, 5 lace markers by Crimson Orchid just to get me started. I am not sure what I will be doing with it but am looking through lace patterns and may pick one in A Gathering of Lace.
Part two tomorrow.....................................or the next day, and by then I should have my finished Sockopalooza Socks to show.


Emily said...

Thanks for your comment on my socks! The pattern is from Fiber Trends, and it's part of the Peak Experience pattern, which contains two patterns-in-one. My socks are the Angel's Rest ones. It's been a really easy pattern, so there's no excuse for my finishing these socks at the very last minute!

Arianwen said...

hmm your yarn stash sounds more like a sweetie shop everytime I check in here. Look forward to seeing your lace project.