Monday, July 2, 2007

Exchange Received and Exchange Sent

My Rowan Exchange gift arrived in the post on Saturday. It is always so thrilling to see what wonderful item has been knitted for you by someone you may never meet. The beauty of the exchange is that you are not knitting for the same person who is knitting for you. The exchange mums do a wonderful job of matching us up and provide us with an extensive questionnaire as to likes, dislikes, ability etc. It happens every summer and this year's theme was "seasons", my season is Autumn as those are my favorite colours, I think Amelia did a great job in picking out yarns that I would have choosen myself.

Amelia Jones, of London, England, knitted these beautiful socks in Fleece Artist Sea Wool, I think the colour might be Origin, (Amelia let me know that it is Vintage). This is a beautiful yarn, I have two skeins in the sock stash but as yet have not knitted it, how nice to see it in finished socks. Extremely soft and silky, Amelia used the pattern that came with the yarn. As any avid sock knitter know the experience of having someone else knit you socks is joyous.

Along with the socks came TWO skeins of Colinette JitterBug Castagna. It's a superwash 100% merino, 291 yds should make a pair of shorter socks, two skeins will make a longer pair.

The extra treats are to keep me relaxed while knitting. A bag of M&S, (a British staple for all your shopping needs, and the best bras and knickers in the world), Rhubarb and Custard boiled sweets and from Bond Street a box of Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles.

My Exchange Gift arriving spurred me to finish mine and pop it in the post (July 11th is the final mailing date). The knitted items you have already seen, I added stitch markers, a skein of STR in Tanzanite, a sock blocker key chain and some Hershey treats (living in Pennsylvania I had to send the home grown product). I mailed it this morning and all things being equal it should arrive at it's final destination in about 7-10 days.


Arianwen said...

Hmm I am definately envious of the socks from Amelia. They are wonderful. The colour of the socks you made seem similar to the colour I sent off. What season were you knitting for? I wonder how many of us sent socks this year.

cherry menlove said...

What a wonderful swap. I adore the pink truffles you were sent. But I also adore Hershey. I could eat it until it's coming out of my earholes!!!!

Love Cherry xxx

Amelia said...

Hello, I am so pleased that you like the socks. The colour of the yarn is 'Vintage' and I am seriously holding back from getting some for myself... :) x

Linda said...

I've eyed off that Vintage colourway so it is lovely to see it knitted up into such beautiful socks. I didn't do the Exchange this year not being back to full knitting capacity , but I love seeing all the things others have done.

Barbara said...

What a lovely gift exchange.

Isobel said...

I just found your blog via the Lizard Ridge blog. I'm an Isobel too! Born in Yorkshire, living in Virginia USA, married to an American. I found another English Isobel on the Ravelry website. She lives in Ireland.
Small world.