Friday, July 27, 2007

Sockapaloooza Socks

Socapalooza Socks:
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug Alizarine
Pattern: Saucy from Cider Moon

Eye of Partridge Heel

Leg Detail

A few extras for the package.
Soak samples
Stitch Markers
Row Counter Bracelet
Two skeins of Mama-E's Fiber Sock Yarn
the colourway is Nettie and it was an exclusive dye
This was the first time I had used Jitterbug, it's very nice and feels great when you are using it, bouncy and smooth. I moved down from a 3mm to a 1.5 mm needle, shortened the leg repeat from 7 to 5 and even then only had about six inches of yarn left after grafting. You would need two skeins if you were knitting for a larger foot size, at $21.00 a skein that is a little expensive. When I blocked them they bled quite a bit of pink, I hope that was a one off and they now fixed themselves.
My sock pal likes bright colours, cables and lace, I hope she likes the socks. I will pack them up and have them in the mail on the 2nd. This has been a lot fun, even thought I fretted about the yarn and pattern, and actually knit two other pairs besides these.


Holly said...

Really nice socks.

And your extras are super. I have been trying to decide whatelse to put in my package.

thanks for some great ideas

Linda said...

They are lovely socks. I'm still plodding away practising on my plain socks.

Arianwen said...

really beautiful!! I love the effect on the toes. I am still looking for the perfect pattern for my exchange yarn it may take me a while to decide!!

Barbara said...

You just keep coming up with the most beautiful socks.

Beth said...

I LOVE those socks!