Friday, August 3, 2007

From This................To This

I took my own advice and turned this yarn into

these socks. I bought this yarn from Yarnahoy, through her Esty shop, the colour is Indigg, but I think it looks more like summer ices. This would have been my choice for sockopalooza except for the orange. It's 100% Superwash Merino. Yarnahoy is also available on Woolgirl, the sock is wonderfully soft and the colours are a huge wow factor.

Islay just had to get in the picture,
she wants to show her new hair summer cut.

The pattern is Grapvine from More Sensational Knitted Socks, the indigo and purples made me think of full ripe grapes on the vine. They are almost identical twins, off about two rows but I really like they way they turned out.

The yarn is a self-striping and using a slip stitch toe decrease creates a faux fair isle effect. I like the pooling around the ankle bone, it creates a definite right and left foot.

Eye of Partridge heel, creates the faux fair isle heel. The feet well, not to snug on the leg or the foot, and even though this is 100% merino yarn there is a slight springy stretch for comfort. When I blocked they bled ever so slightly, a little light pink, now do I keep them for me or put them in the Christmas present sock drawer. If you look on the blog roll you will see that joined the Christmas KAL - so much knitting and so little time.
If you are looking for sock fun the August pattern on Socktopia is going to be a mystery sock. Every Monday (starting with this coming Monday), a section of the pattern will be released until by the end of the month you have your finished socks .
It seems that cable socks are the fashion for the coming winter season, Six Socks KAL has released a lovely cable using Rowan 4ply soft, Pick Up Sticks sock club for August is a lovely green cable, and Interweave arrived in the mail yesterday with a large section on cable and patterns for cable socks. It just goes to show that everything old is new again.


Arianwen said...

Those socks are really lovely. The heel is very interesting. looking forward to my copy of interweave arriving.
found this for summer kids cardigan it is very similar shape to ours.

yarnahoy said...

ooh! Stunning & vivid. Boy, you're fast!
Thank you so much for letting me know. I shall be posting a link to your post w/ the socks as soon as i get home.
:) Manasi

Devonshire said...

Those socks look great. I found you from the XMAS movie contest and just wanted to say that I too loved the Christmas in Conneticut. Wonderful movie!

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Those socks look fantastic! Love the bright colors. Great job!

Now off to check out the Christmas're right, it'll be here before we know it.

Anni said...

Just been reading your blog and all your yarns and socks are looking fantastic. Been drooling over some of those yarns. Beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Love that yarn! The Yarnahoy knits up so beautifully and love the pattern you used! :)

Barbara said...

Every time I look, you have knitted somemore socks. Beautiful