Saturday, August 11, 2007

Go with the Flow

They arrived my Sockapalooza Socks!!!
Knitted by the wonderful Elizabeth, of Calgary. How great to have another Canadian knitting for me. They are Go with the Flow from Interweave Favorite Socks, knitted in Lorna's Laces Mixed Berries colourway. I thought they looked a little narrow in the foot before I put them on, but as you can see the first perfectly, the heel is snug (just the way I like it), absolutely the perfect length and width in the foot and just the right stretch around my calf. Elizabeth is a lovely knitter, I could not have wished for prettier socks.
Elizabeth was very generous and included a cute canvas knitting tote, with a great front pocket, the colours match the sock really well, and a great tin of Simpkins Sour Cherry Drops, the perfect travelling or knitting sweet. I love my Mountie postcard, almost gives a girl Scarlett Fever. My wish is that Elizabeth is as thrilled with her sock pal socks as I am with hers.


Helen said...

I'm busy knitting a pair of these for myself! It's good to hear they fit well - and they look great in that colourway. But then anything in purple looks great :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's me from the R-forum.
Agree - socks are gorgeous but too heavy for me (being: not cotton). I'm in hot-flash country - the whole body - and so I don't even knit sweaters or pullovers with anything synthetic or wool.
In fact, I had finished a wool sweater about 5 years ago, fairisle, yoke neck and took me forever and I almost needed an eye transplant afterwards due to the intricate charting. Anyways, I had it for about a month and WHAM! menopause.
Like I said in the forum about the only thing I can wear, is R's wool/cotton.
Thanks for your reply on the forum, today. I will check out the sites you suggested.
Ever done a Mission Falls pattern? I don't care for the newest and last book. Really love the earlier stuff though - alas, wool but their cotton yarns are great.
Yeah, socking is going to be addictive, I know, I know. Years ago I did toques and mitts - couldn't stop! Had one in my purse always, had another project in the family room always, had one resting on a kitchen chair so I would not watch the pot boil, even had one in the bedroom and would knit instead of reading before bed.
Still, knitting socks is the last bastion. I've put it off for years and decided no more.
Nice blog!
Cheers! Nan

Linda said...

They are lovely, aren't they. Beautiful colourway, too.

Kathleen said...

Those look great, like a fruits of the forest dessert! Hope you enjoy wearing them.

Arianwen said...

they are totally delicious - what a great colour!I agree with kathleen they look like fruits of the forest.