Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yarn Haul..........Part Two

I mailed the Sockapalooza Socks on Monday, I know they aren't supposed to be mailed until tomorrow but I wanted them in the post, they should arrive on Saturday. My sock pal emailed to let me know that my socks are finished and will be mailed this week, I should have them's very exciting.

As promised the second part of the yarn haul, summer sock clubs are arriving. This wonderful confection is from Tsarina, an ice cream cone sock.

You could choose your flavors of ice cream, I chose lemon, raspberry and blueberry. Notice the cone pattern in the flavors and the waffle design in the cone. The yarn comes from Van Calcar Farms in New York State.

The first installment of the Harry Potter Sock Club from Sunshine Yarns. Dani dyed up Not Another Weasley, I really like the colours and will be looking for a pattern that would suite Mrs. Weasley's taste.

Pick Up Sticks club arrived on Saturday, I think this is my favorite pattern yet, a wonderful cable and a yarn that I love to use in a colour I would not have choosen but really like (will wait to post, don't want to be the spoiler).
To my great suprise Rowan 42 arrived by UPS yesterday (one day before the UK store release). This is the earliest I have ever received the magazine, I normally wait two to three weeks after the rowanettes in the UK have received theirs. Rowan asked for our input earlier in the year, what did we want to see and they really listened, not only did they reduce the membership price, they now offer two free patterns a month, extended membership discounts, more detailed pictures in the magazine and expidited delivery service. I know that it arrived in New Zealand, Denmark and Belgium today, which is astounding. If you were ever thinking of joining Rowan this would be the time, they have truly taken customer feedback to heart and delivered on almost all counts. The autumn/winter edition of the magazine is always my favorite, I am very pleased with the patterns in 42 they are wearable fashions for a variety of body types, and the colours flow from one design section into the next, there is also a few new yarns, Cocoon is a wool/mohair blend and the patterns for this yarn are exceptional. The concensis from the rowanettes who have received theirs has been highly positive, this is a winner.


LH said...

I love the ice-cream socks. They're a great idea ~ although the colours probably wouldn't be as exciting if it was my flavour choice ~ coffee, chocolate & toffee just equals shades of brown ~ but tastes good.

Arianwen said...

I see you are ice cream obsessed at the moment. No the hoodie was bought in Scarborough because they both got very wet. It is a cotton one though and I had thought of copying it. I think there is a suitable pattern in pipsqueaks but, i can't find my copy! If not there is a cotton hoodie in Debbie bliss cotton knits which i have made before gives you a basic pattern but huge!! I made inigo one and it still doesnt fit. If that doesnt work for you and you want the sweater let me know the size and I will go and see if I can find another.