Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bicycle Knitting

I had these two balls of Kid Classic waiting to be knitted (don't ask how old they are because I really can't remember where or when I bought them). I am trying to ride my exercise bike for an hour every afternoon and usually knit socks to pass the time and watch something that I have tivoed. But as any knitter knows sometimes you have to change it up. Last week my DH slipped across the US/Canada border and changed some Canadian money he had been holding on to. Did he purchase something for himself, no he gave me the "found" cash to visit one of my LYS's. I added 6 more of the deeper pink and 3 more of the light to the two I already owned. Why you may ask? Well on looking for a change up in my bike knitting I combed through my children's patterns, as the colours oozed "little girl" to me.

This is the pattern book I choose, and the pattern that just screamed, in an Alice in Wonderland kind of moment, "knit me on your bike".

This is my first square, it took less than 30 minutes to knit on the bike, and if I knit 62 more I will have this very sweet blanket. The original colours are pink and red, with pink being the predominant colour, I just couldn't do red and pink together and am very happy that I already had the deeper pink and am using this as the predominant colour. Even though I am not a pinky kind of girl, I just love these two colours together. Very razzelberry.

I know that I have other projects on the needles at the moment that really need to be finished, but this really doesn't count as I am multi-tasking and will probably cast on and cast off a square during one bike ride, all in all a combined mind and body experience.

The dogs have that lunch time look in their eyes, which means it's feeding time at the zoo. After which, I will bundle the two little ones into their coats, I will pull on my boots, hat, coat and gloves and head out into the deep freeze that awaits us outdoors. (we are experiencing the coldest weather in 10 years - and for the second day school districts all across the eastern US are closed) Don't worry I have very smart dogs, even they know it's cold outside.


Sonya said...

What a beautiful project and the colors, in an Alice in Wonderland way call out "Eat Me." I love it - only 62 more to go! So we'll see the finished blanket in about a month then? Keep cozy.

Connie said...

Lovely blanket! 62 more to go - that's only 1,860 minutes of bike riding. It's -27 Celsius here with the wind chill - miserable!

Janie said...

Knitting whist cycling...I'm impressed. I can just about listen to the TV or a conversation, whilst I'm knitting....though I find I'm concentrating so hard so as not to drop a stitch...I lose the line of conversation entirely.

Enjoy your project....you'll be finished with these squares years before my current square kntting project.


Arianwen said...

it looks lovely. Very girly I can't wait to see the finished blanket. It is a really good idea about the exercise bike, I could do with more exercise. A knitter however hard she tries grows tubby through lack of exercise.