Sunday, February 4, 2007


The most exciting day in American sport. The SuperBowl itself lasts about 4 hours, the lead in however takes an entire week. It started last Monday and culminates today with a 4 hour pre-game show. If you are lucky and the game is exciting it can be a really enjoyable day of sport. If the game turns out to be boring then you still have the SuperBowl commercials, which go for around $2,000,000 a minute. If the commerical's and the game turn out to be a dud, then there's always the food. Pizza, chili, chips, dips, brownies and beer, can get you through even the worst of SuperBowl Sundays. I heard a staggering figure this morning, 8 billion dollars will be bet on the out come of today's game, this truly mistifies me, as I have a very hard time spending a dollar to purchase a lottery ticket, after all that money can be used to buy yarn. And that brings me to my favorite past time of SuperBowl Sunday - the knitting of course. What better way to spend this incredibly cold Sunday, 5 degrees F. with a windchill of -10, (the lowest temperatures we have seen in 10 years), than sitting in front of the fire and starting a new pair of socks using wonderful Apple Pie Yarn in Garden Party colourway.
I know that just about everyone and his brother is picking the Colts, which means of course I have to root for the Bears.

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James said...

GO COLTS!! I can't believe you picked the Bears. I had so much more respect for your football picks until now Mum!