Thursday, February 22, 2007

Grand Day Out and In!

Retirement has done an interesting thing for me, it has made me more precious of my time. I have time to exercise, at a time more convenient than 4:15 am, time to be creative at what ever time of the day I feel creative in, time to relish the walk about with the dogs, and time to really be calm and centered. That being said, I still do have to enter the world on a somewhat regular basis, that would be Thursday. Thursday has become my day to go to the post office, shop for the groceries, stop by the book store, and weight in at WW. In a week full of wonderful weather (40's and sun), today has decided to return to winter, it began with fog and damp, which turned into an amazing 20 minutes of snow and ice, and progressed to high winds and biting cold. I hit all my favorite high spots before 11:00 am, and armed with another week of weight loss, came home and jumped on the treadmill for 90 minutes. Bill, who went to Cinncinati yesterday, called and said he wouldn't be home until tomorrow, which means that dinner will not be vegetable lo mein and stir fried veggies, (Chinese New Year celebration), but homemade frozen veggie lasanga. I have the fire lit, and after dinner will finish a "fun fur" chemo hat for Boston's children's hospital (the last of 3 -all will be mailed them on the weekend, along with my sister-in-laws birthday present), watch "Idol" to see which 4 will leave tonight, and then begin my new book.

I picked up Knit 1 and The Friday Night Knitting Club at Borders on my morning jaunt. I am not a huge fan of Knit 1, but I do have to admit it has progressed from all Lion Brand acrylic to the natural Lion Brand yarns, as well as other yarn companies. I have heard good buzz on the book and decided to indulge myself when I saw it on the "staff recommended" table. Lest you think that I have been lax this afternoon in adding to my sock stash, Michelle at Sweet Sheep emailed that Yarntini would be available at 4:00 pm, I hoped over at 3:55 and picked up 3 colourways that I did not possess.

While out and about the morning (not ooot and aboot), I missed the Fed-X man with my much anticipated ipod, I must admit that this is a sheer indulgence, but I have been thinking about it for quite sometime and decided to throw caution to the wind and take the plunge. I was a huge fan of Napster and have hour upon hour of downloaded radio classics, Hancock, Round the Horne, Lux Theater, etc., you name it and I probably have it, truly my library is extensive. All this means that I will be up early tomorrow as I do not want to miss the Fed-X man on his second time around.

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Sonya said...

I'll have to find where I can download the radio classics. I've also heard that you can download podcasts of NPR shows like This American Life - all great to listen while knitting.