Friday, February 23, 2007

In the huge USB port of life.................

I wanted to get something of my chest today, which has absolutely nothing to do with my knitting skills, or current projects, but with the "way of the world" these days.

I spent a little time today playing with newly delivered ipod, and the wonders of itunes. I "Ituned" the Dixie Chicks album Taking the Long Way, I loved them before the comments and love them even more afterwards, sorry if that offends, but if you can't speak your mind in a "free, democratic state" without recrimination, then that "state" needs to change. As I was becoming "attuned" with my new little friend and listening to the Chicks, I began to wonder if we (and I mean that collectively) are not becoming one huge USB port. You plug us in, feed us information and we avaricely consume the download. I am appauled that the number one and number two news stories in the US, for the last two weeks, has been about two rather unfortunate blonde women who have absolutely no impact on my life or yours. Don't get me wrong, I sympathize with their plight, but I am weary of the crash and burn media frenzy that exudes from "celebrity". The more they are placed in the spotlight the more spotlight they crave to consume, and "reputible" news agency should hang their head in collective shame that this pap is considered worthy of their journalistic talent.
(I am seriously going to patent this as I don't want someone else honing in on my idea.) This came to me in a sheer moment of "journalist annoyance", it all started with Tom Foley (remember him), and the "I'm going to rehab.....". "What the hell for", I said matter of factly, "where, celebrity a**w***e rehab". Since then many celebrities have entered "a**w***e rehab", some of the more succesful clientele are, and in no specific order, Mel Gibson, Linsey Lohan, Michael Richards, Isaiah Washington and Tim Hardaway. "A**w***e rehab" doesn't cure these people of anything it just offer a safe haven where they can hide until another celebrity makes a bigger "a**w***e" of him or herself and the press and general public move on. A certain bald young lady is in dire need of "a**w***e rehab" space , however they can't seem to find a way to effectively restrain her for any length of time.

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