Monday, February 5, 2007


It was spa day today, the girls spent the entire day at the groomer and came be looking beautiful.
I made the appointment over a week ago, how could I know that today would be the coldest day of the winter. I bundled them up in their coats and a blanket and put on the heated seats for them in the car. Every school district within a 50 mile radius was closed. Our students are bussed to school and the district's won't put the busses on the road if it is minus five degrees, and today was one of those days.They don't want frost bite to claim the ears, noses and fingers of tomorrows generation.
I have a feeling that tomorrow will be one of those days too, as it isn't going to warm up until Thursday. In fact the Pittsburgh Zoo is closed for the next three days, the only animals that are equipped for this climate are the polar bears.


Susan said...

Awww... Little cuties!

I love their bandanas. Are yougoing to knit them doggie coats?

I love my cats dearly but dogs are much easier to dress up and knit for!

-5 degrees - Brrr! I was whining about +2 Degrees here in the UK!

Connie said...

The girls look lovely - Barkley is much shorter because of living on a farm and playing with 'poopsicles' It's a favorite past time of his - when I can get him outside. He has a little coat to match the horses - made by the same company and everything! I must be nuts!