Monday, May 14, 2007

Summer Yarn

Yarn dyers are in a summer mood, I love the sunny colours of these yarns. They can really put you in a happy mood when you see their beautiful blending colourways.

Hand Maiden 2ply cashmere in Stone
(I have become a huge Hand Maiden fan)
All Things Heather in Skinny Dippin
The Loopy Ewe Sock Club
Madeline Tosh in Firefly
Colour Spectrum Club

Zen Yarn Garden in Spring Garden
Pick Up Sticks Sock Club

Sunshine Yarns in Airy TD
Sunshine Yarns Sock Club

I received my Sockapalooza Pal last week and my Rowan Exchange Partner yesterday. It's such fun being part of an exchange, knitting something for someone you will never meet and having someone knitting for you. I have my Sockapalooza sock pattern picked out and I ordered the yarn last week from Pick Up Sticks, hard to believe I didn't have the right colour combinations in my stash. I am pondering a few ideas over for the Rowan Exchange, still haven't made my mind up yet, will spend a little time pouring over pattern books.

I got a rather unexpected email today from Rowan International, as a thank you for providing feedback on what I wanted to see in the Winter 2007 Rowan #42, they would like to seen me a Rowan Classic Book of my choice or 2 of the Rowan Studio brochures, I choose the RYC Coast book. I love free knitting stuff.


Helen said...

What Lovely yarns and colours! And what a lovely surprise from Rowan. Enjoy the book.

Sonya said...

All that lovely yarn and pattern books from Rowan? You are a lucky woman! I have yet to see or touch or knit any Hand Maiden, hard to believe, but nor have I sought it out. I know I would be in love and I have much shawl yarn that needs knitting. To much yarn, too little time.

Arianwen said...

That yarn is soo beautiful. I could almost convince myself to give up candy when I see that.