Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Boulder tomorrow

It's been a week since I last blogged, but I do have a valid excuse. The weekends get busy and I usually use that time to catch up on the blogs that I didn't see earlier in the week. However, I had fully intended on Monday to show two of the Hogwarts hats I finished knitting for Charmed Knits, I choose Gryffindor for my first go round but also have the yarn to create a couple of Hufflepuff's. Everything was going well Monday morning, ran around town, did a few chores for my trip tomorrow, and then........................disaster struck. Around 1:30 while sitting at the computer I was struck (like a bolt from the blue) with what I am assuming is food poisoning. I was totally out of commission for a day and a half. Bill, who never stays home from work, went into the office yesterday for an hour to pick up his laptop, then returned to work and also take care of me. My total food consumtion has been two pieces of toast, five spoonfools of chicken broth and a few cups of tea. Bill can always guage when I am really sick, for me to refuse a cup of tea is monumental, a sure sign that all is not well. He even went to the trouble to invesitage new times and dates for my air travel and availability of accommodation. James knew on Monday that I was under the weather, but to have to tell him yesterday that I may not be able to come was heartbreaking, he sounded so let down. We have decided that today will be the make or break on my travel arrangements, I will let him know by 4:00 pm as to whether or not we need to cancel. I woke up this morning with my every queasy stomach, but the pain in my head, neck, ears and teeth are gone (yes every tooth actually hurt and the pain between my ears made it impossible for me to stand for very long). My temperature has almost returned to normal (we hit 101.4 yesterday), and I feel amazingly better than I did yesterday. Using this as my guage I am already anticipating that I will feel even more like myself tomorrow, and have decided that Boulder is still in the plan. It may mean that I consume plain soup and dry wheat toast for fours days but I can live with that, in fact judging by the way I feel, it sounds rather pleasant. I also have all day tomorrow to rest and take it easy as I don't fly out until after 4:00 pm. I have tried to live today as if it were a normal Wednesday, I changed the sheets, washed the towels and done normal household chores and all in all it's hasn't been that bad, I even wound a skein of Yarntini in Sangria for my airplane sock knitting, the power of positive thinking can be a potent force. I know that tomorrow will only be a better day, that with God's grace come 4:00 pm I will be sitting on a United flight to Boulder, Colorado.

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Barbara said...

You poor thing. Sounds horrific. With all the other symptoms sound more like a virus than food poisoning though. We never know though do we. My husband always says, "It's bad enough being sick without having to worry about what caused it" I guess he is right. I always want to know though. Will look forwrd to the photos of Boulder.