Monday, June 11, 2007

A New Sock Yarn

A brand new sock yarn from Cherry Tree Hill in Barton, Vermont. This is Sockittome, an 80% superwash merion blended with 20% nylon, 480 yds (can't complain about that), knitted on US needles #1-3, it will be available by the end of June or July and comes in 15 different colourways.

Sheri at the Loopy Ewe, was offered the first 100 skein run to sell on her site, it went up on Thursday morning and I think it was sold out before noon, at the amazing price of $18.00 per skein. The colourway above is Wild Cherry.

Sugar Maple however is my favorite, a mix of orange, deep raspberry, brown, deep red and yellow.

This is definately a winter sock yarn, I know exactly who will be getting these socks for Christmas.


Helen said...

Lucky you!! I was too slow and missed out on the great deal Sheri had. I must say, though, I'd choose the Wild Cherry. Have fun experimenting.

Linda said...

Great colours and meterage. I've got a WIP shawl in their lace yarn being neglected, currently.