Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday Socks

These STR's are part of my dad's Father Day present. I'm sorry I can't give you the colour way as I lost the ball band, it might be GRocks.

These are Seacoast Hanpainted Panda in Surf. They are fraternal twins not identical, I frogged and frogged, eventually I gave up and decided that fraternal's can accommodate the foot as adequately as identical. They are for a dear friend of my sister, unfortunately she is going through an illness at the moment, I hope the seaside colours bring her cheer.

I have been knitting both these pairs of socks on and off for about a month, but only knit each twin last week. They will be speeding their way to Canada by the end of the week.

The socks were snapped hanging from our Harry Lauder Walking Stick, regrettably he is under the weather at the moment. I fear that we will have to replace him and I searching online nursery sites as he is not the most available tree to find.

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Linda said...

I've heard of the famous STR but not seen them. My Sunshine yarn parcel arrived today and I'm gobsmacked at the lovely colours.