Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Two Sock Clubs In One Day

Postman Pat drove up in his little truck and delivered not one but two sock clubs today.

Lightweight Merino in Firebird colourway. The pattern for the sock is Solstice Slip by JC Briar, a zig zag rib with slip stitch detail. The yarn is a summer dream of purple, maroon, orange, lavender, palest lemon, cream and deep red.

Zen String Sock Club - June 2007

Lotus Toes fingerling, 100% super wash Blue Face Leicester, in Lily colourway. The pattern for the sock is Perambulate by Patti Consalves. The yarn has a lovely twist and the colours are a summer confection of lemonade, cream, lavender, coral, and lilac and yellow.

Lorna's Laces - Loopy Ewe

Shepherd Sock in Flames. The picture does not do them justice, as it makes them look orange and red, in fact they are gold, red, deep pink, and maroon. This yarn will become my Gryffindor house socks. I am going to a midnight Harry Potter party on July 20th, the theme is the Yule Ball. I really don't feel like attending "prom night", and have decided to go as Professor McGonigal, black witch's hat, black dress, black shoes and Gryffindor stockings. I wanted a pattern not a stripe and if they turn out fraternal so much the better. The best part was that all three skeins cost less than $11.00 as I had a $25.00 gift certifacate for the Loopy Ewe, love that Sheri and her Loopy Perks.

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Linda said...

I took the children to a Harry Potter dress-up party, last book release, and not a single person realised I was Mrs Weasley, draped in handknits and carrying my knitting. Guess they just thought I was odd. Very strange indeed.