Sunday, June 3, 2007

Exchange Update

I am in full swing for the Rowan Exchange. The first sock is knitted, the pattern is Uptown Book Socks by Jennifer Appleby from Interweave's Favorite Socks, an easy cable that's easy to knit.

I started the Louisa Harding beaded scarf, the Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid is a joy to knit with, the beaded goes on through the pattern, I am debating as to whether or not to stop the beading after several pattern repeats.

I am not sure how comfortable it would be to have beads wrapped around one's neck. I may just do them on each end, as a border repeat than ss the middle section.

It's turning out rather pretty, I wish the colour showed up the lucious berry wine it really was, and not strawberry, which it isn't.


Linda said...

I agree it might be a bit prickley around the neck to continue the beads. Designers are not always practical people.

Helen said...

Both items are looking lovely! I have to agree with you on the beading though. Perhaps more practical to stick to the edging.

Barbara said...

I like the beaded scarf. I have just finished a beautiful bag with Rowan wools and will post it probably tomorrow as Ihave just done a long post today.