Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Baby cotton

I love knitting baby gifts in natural fibres that are easy for the mum to take care of. The new cottons on the market are really very nice, and don't seem to fuzz as much when you knit with them. I enjoy knitting blankets, and sweaters but the cost can be quite prohibative when you look at the yarn involved. This baby bath ensemble is very reasonable and took no time to knit. Two hand towels and wash cloths in Blue Sky Alpacas, Inc. cotton and a bunny wash cloth for baby in Checkheaton Fiddle de dee. The wash cloths are knitted in Blue Sky Organic Cotton, which is truly a lovely yarn, the feel is so different from the dyed cotton, softer to the touch and more dense. It would make a wonderful baby blanket for those cool summer nights. The pattern for the towels and wash cloths is from Jo Sharps Knit 2 and the bunny wash cloth came from the free patterns on Lion Brand (it's orginally a blanket and I tweaked it for the wash cloth). With some baby wash and shampoo this could become my new favorite baby gift.


Janie said...

They look wonderful. I'm sure the receiver of such a gift, well the Mum anyway...will love it.
I'm hoping to knit something for Oliver soon...for when he's a bit older (it'll take me that long - Tee Hee) as he has lots of knits from Mum that he hasn't grown into yet....when he does I'll take some pictures.

Sonya said...

That bunny wash cloth is so sweet. You could throw in some of my personal favorite - Burt's Bees Diaper Cream. You know you have been a mother too long when "personal favorite" and "diaper cream" appear in the same sentence.