Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sock Clubs are Rolling In

Late in 2006 I joined several sock clubs, this seems to be the week that the post man has choosen to deliver them. Yesterday the first kit from the Tsarina arrived. The wonderfully ingenius "Cleopatra" pattern.

The yarn is from vanCalcar Acres Sheep, which is also putting together the Sock Club. The kit is so much fun, two wonderfully hand dyed skeins of their delicious wool, the pattern, a Sock Club tips book and fragrant lavender and herbs along with a muslin bag to make a sweet sachet.

There are beads that will be arriving in a few days to complete the anklet that goes around the sock.

I am still awaiting the BMF Rocking Sock club to arrive, I know that it is on it's way and that many have already received it, I am tempted to take a look at the many blogs that have already posted pictures but am resisting that urge as I really want to be surprised. The best part of the clubs arriving is that they have already been paid for, no bill enclosed.

Tomorrow I will have more yarn from special hand dyers and a couple of books that I am really glad I ordered.

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