Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Minnesota Weekend

Bill and I headed to Minneapolis on Friday to see Sandy receive her "White Coat". Sandy (my oldest step-daughter) is entering her last year at the University of Minnesota Veterinary School and to celebrate their final year of clinical study the students are presented with their white coat.

Sandy and Bill after the ceremony. This is strictly a ceremonial coat and not to be worn in the hospital, one of the female professors pointed out that if you bleach the coat it will turn pink courtesy of the maroon "M" on the breast pocket. Sandy knew that her mum, and Bill and I were attending but not that her older brother, neice and younger sister were also going to be there. She was totally thrilled to have them also attend this wonderful moment in her professional life. Sandy has choosen the field of small exotic animals as her major and is looking forward to setting up practice with her husband in the Seattle area in a year or two. She has applied for a grant to work with penguins in South Africa this summer, and will find out towards the end of April if she has been accepted. Last summer she worked with elephants in Kenya and had an unforgettable time.

A picture of our beautiful granddaughter Avery and her dad Rob. Avery turned fourteen in January and is now taller than I am. She is an avid horse woman, and she and her horse Nike will be jumping in competion again this summer along the east coast. Her grandfather and I promised to attend at least one of her shows.

Tomorrow I hope to have a knitting project to show, I have been working on trying to create an Easter rabbit toy, so far I have two legs, one ear, one arm and no body or head.


bigredtrack800 said...

dad is wearing my tie, he owes me money!!!

Barbara said...

Congratulations. That's were my daughter Janie started. She studied all sciences as she wanted to be a vet. However that is not where she ended up but I'll leave it to her if she wants to publish what she did end up doing.

Janie said...

A Vet to be...now that's a difficult discipline. It must have been lovely to get together with family and celebrate with her. I wish her all the best in her final year.
Looking forward to seeing your Easter rabbit soon