Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday, know the rest

University of Minnesota Socks, ready to be blocked and wrapped for our trip to Minneapolis on Friday. Shelridge Soft Touch Sock Yarn in Marigold and Maroon (the maroon was specially dyed for my by Michelle at Sweet Sheep, as we couldn't find a red that would suit). I ran out to take their picture just as the freezing rain started, it has now turned into snow showers and at some point this afternoon if the temperatures cooperate will turn to rain. In my next life I think I will return as a tv weather prognosticator - the only job where you can consistantly be wrong and never get fired.

This beautiful hand painted merino 2 ply sock yarn was the work of the wonderful Canadian artist Virginia van Santen. Virginia was diagnosed in November with cancer and passed away on Saturday. I was fortunate to purchase this yarn from Pick Up Sticks, Connie chose to include the yarn in the December sock club. I enjoyed the yarn so much I bought two more skeins, the top skein is August Berries and the bottom is Fall Birches. I don't think anyone has the yarn in stock anymore as Virginia stopped producing it not longer after she found it she was ill. If you have a few moments please read her blog, from the pictures you can see that besides being a wonderful yarn artist she was also a beautiful knitter.


Barbara said...

Another pair of beautiful socks. I love that wool too.

Janie said...

Lovely wool.