Friday, March 9, 2007

What a beautiful day

The snow has melted, we hit 50 degrees today and the sun is shining, the first truly spring like day we have had. It's wonderful to slog around with dogs and watch them run through the mud and sludge in the back garden. To spend ages outside with the sun on your back and gaze up at a blue, cloudless sky filled with crissed crossed patterns of jet streams. I followed them around listening to BritKnit on the ipod (great pod cast), and also Lexi Knits It. Roll out winter and leave us spring we all need to breath such fresh air.

Three skeins of wonderful Shelridge Farms Sock Yarn one in gold and two in maroon. Michelle at Sweet Sheep dyed the maroon especially for me. They are the colours of the University of Minnesota. My oldest step-daughter, Sandy will be receiving her white coat from the veterinary school on the 25th, signifying her clinical year has begun. We are going out to watch the ceremony and I thought a pair of socks might be a fun surprise. First sock is cast on so I have made a start, I will have them finished by the end of next week and may mail them before we go. I will have pictures tomorrow of finished socks and also two books that I love. Before I finish if you are a felter and are looking for a fun Easter treat from someone little, head over to Betz's blog she has a wonderful tutorial on a chasmere bunny that is not to be missed. Betz is a marvel and has a book coming out in the fall, I own three of her felted pin cushions and they are to adorable for words, here's her shop.


Dave Richards said...

Well Easter is season is approaching and it's time for some for wonderful weather and some whole lotta fun...and to share some of the wonderful spirit do drop by my blog on Easter Greetings sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!

Barbara said...

Well over hear in Southern England we are not melting snow, but the sun has come out after all the rain and it feels like Spring.
Felted bunnies sound fun, will check. Thanks