Friday, March 2, 2007

Islay can jump

Having a puppy in your house is equal to having a toddler. Islay, who will be 8 months old this month, has within the last two days learned how to jump up onto the couch, loveseat and chair. This feat she now continues to do on and off all day, each time it is accomplished she looks as me with such doggy glee on her little face, "hey mum, look what I can do". This however is met with deep chagrin from the other four legged members of the family who felt themselves safe. Scotia has developed a rather keen evil eye when it comes to Islay and this new development has only served to intensify that steely stare.

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Barbara said...

I'm a cat person myself but have enjoyed reading about your dogs. They look sweet dogs. If you want to come and visit me (I'm Janie's Mum) "from under the maple" you will see the fun duck family that I knitted for my grandson. Showing lots of funky scarves in older posts, too.