Wednesday, March 7, 2007

"Fresh" - Yarn and Snow

Club yarn from Sunshine Yarns, this is a sweet wonderfully fresh coloured yarn, and that's just what Dani called it "Fresh". Dani included a row counter and sweet peanut butter kisses. If you want to buy Dani's yarn she sells on Etsy - her last store update was last week, but there is a huge Spring Fling coming on the 13th, check her out - you won't be disappointed.
We woke up to a couple of inches of fresh light snow, the fluffy, fluttery kind. Everyone knew it was coming but it seemed to catch people off guard, so much so that school districts near and far cancelled school today. Our district was one of them, although all the roads around us were wet and salted - go figure - I am sure parents will be asking questions.
I will have more yarn tomorrow, and hopefully a pair of finished BMF socks, for a dear friend who I found out last week is very ill. I have some spring cotton on the needles (Blue Sky), working on wash cloths and hand towels for the little girl who does my hair - she's having her first baby in the summer, I think I might also include a hand knitted teddy or doggy in the gift.
As spring is just around the corner, I have been devoting time each day to accomplish some spring cleaning, on Monday I polished all the wooden furniture in the house, and gave everything, including ornaments a good dusting. Yesterday I scrubbed our shower, guest bath and kitchen floor. Today all the art work is being dusted, which if you knew our house is no small feat, for years Bill and I would collect one or two pieces of art from our various travels around the world. I have no artistic talent in that way so I collect what I myself cannot do. True story, while trying to sell a house we had people call and ask to come back for a look, seems they couldn't remember to much about the house as they were far to busy looking at the art on the walls.
Oh, postmans here, off to check if my BMFS Rockin Socks are in the box.


Barbara said...

Isobel - Hi!
Thank you for your comments. I will add your site to my blog also. I am just getting the hang of all this. Trust you got on well with your spring cleaning. I am at present trying to spring clean and also do all the pruning and spring work in the garden. Garden taking precedence at present as it is dry after weeks of heavy rain.

Sonya said...

You have such yarn goodness coming to you in the mail - every day is an event!