Monday, January 8, 2007

The Adventure Begins

James, begining the rest of his life!

He left this morning for the long drive to Colorado, he hopes to be there on Wednesday afternoon. His car is loaded to the roof, and beyond, the only space left was the drivers seat. The rain stopped and the sun began to shine as he stepped on the driveway, a very good sign. His furniture will be shipped and should be with him in about 2 weeks, until then he will be sleeping on an air mattress.
He will be gainfully employed, as soon as he finds a job, we have no doubts about that.
Bill and I both got a little upset (ok me more so), and so did James but this is truly what he wants, and we support him 110%. I couldn't stop myself and had to take these pictures (every mother out there knows exactly why).
Today is the beginning of James new life, and my fathers 73rd birthday, truly a special day and a day that we rejoice.


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Arianwen said...

Happy 73rd to your dad! Hope that you and your family are ok. I am sure James will be fine though very nerve wracking for you, him moving so far away.