Monday, January 15, 2007


Last week most sknitting blogs were consumed with the terrible situation that BMFA was faced with when their bank backed out of the Rockin Socks 2007, claiming that it must be a scam, because who ever heard of a sock club. Since then there has been an overwhelming interest in Sock Clubs. I am sure that potential ksockers were faced with the fact that the majority of sock clubs have been closed for the season, reopening in September or even January of 2008. If you have been a seeker and failed to catch the snitch the Tsarina of Tscocks has a solution for you.
Lisa Grossman, AKA the Tsarina of Tsocks, has created a treat for ksockers, THE FLOCKSOCK Club is now OPEN! To join the club, Jennifer at vanCal Acres Sheep Farm can help you out, it sounds like it will be an exciting 6 months of sock knitting (kits run from February to December - 1 kit every 2 months). I recently ordered the Tsarina's Kitri Sock Kit from VanCal and I excedingly pleased with the product. Lisa's sock patterns are like no other sock pattern you have ever seen - her sock design talent is beyond compare. If you are reading her blog then you are aware that she is developing a pattern for a Swan Lake Sock The Kitri Sock comes with a pattern booklet, very nice for taking on the road, fifteen pages, clearly written instuctions, colour pictures and the charts are large and clear to read. The yarn (400 yards) is a lovely dyed colourway (Crimson), soft and springy to the touch, and the beads are pre-strung (hooray) on black Jaggerspun. If you want to see the knitted socks check out YarnHarlot's post of December 27th.

If you are not a sknitter and are jumping to get started the Tsarina also has a
Tsocks 101 kit that comes with everything you could possibly need to teach yourself, intstruction book with colour pictures, needles, and enough yarn to knit 2 adult pairs and 2 children's pairs of socks.
I have a cold, cough and tight chest, I have chicken in the slow cooker for dinner, and I made a cranberry pudding cake for dessert, I am off to put my feet up, skitting, tea drinking and watching Little Miss Sunshine on demand. A year ago I would have bunddled up, left at 5:50 am and been at school by 6:00 am - YEAH!!! I love retirement.

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Sonya said...

Eat your soup, drink your tea, and knit, knit, knit. Be well, but I know you will, especially in your knitting room!