Monday, January 22, 2007

One Sock Monday

Of late I have developed a pattern in knitting which, like a vacumm, nature abhors!

The sock on the left is my father's birthday sock (until the other one is knitted he will not have a pair). Lovely emerald forest colours in a very nice diamond pattern. The yarn is Mysical Creations, which has wonderful yardage. I was drawn to knit the center sock due to the wonderful sheen of the yarn. Spinning Bunnies from Pick Up Sticks, since it has turned out far to small for my feet it will be gifted to a great-neice. The sock on the right is waiting for a mate in order to be felted, they are gifted charitiy knits and will most definately be finished by the end of the month as they are to be posted.
I am not sure if this abhoration is due to my feeling under the weather or is it mearly the January slump after the holiday season. All that knitting leading up to Christmas, the task of knowing that I had presents to finish, block, and ship, now that January has rolled around and the weather has turned undesirably dreary am I also slumping.

I don't mean to say that I haven't been productive, for I have, but my productivity seems to wain when it comes to the knitting of mates. I have three one sock wonders completed and another in the progress however, I cannot spur myself to dive into the casting on of any of their mates.

Are they to remain dateless all their sock ridden lives,
only the casting on will tell?


Amanda said...

thought of you when I spotted this comic "Be happy you're not a sock! :)

London Southern Belle :)

Sheila said...

I love starting socks. Somtimes the second sock does me in!

Susan said...

What is it about socks? I've been doing gloves and I don't seem to have "second glove syndrome"...maybe it's in the alliteration??