Friday, January 12, 2007

Sock Knitting Friday

I have 3 pairs of socks started. An emerald green pair with Mystical Creations, a wonderfully shiny pair for me with Spinning Bunny in Blueberry Patch, and a pair that I am knitting as a donation (yarn donated by Pick Up Sticks) for a women's shelter, I have to mail them to Connie soon, so she doesn't think I forgot. I don't have any pictures but will tomorrow, as the camera is downstairs and the socks are all upstairs and I am not in the mood to go get them. I will explain the patterns along with pictures tomorrow. You will be amazed by my sock knitting, when I knit in the round I knit inside out, I have tried the other way and I cannot do it - all thumbs, it is something that fellow knitters always comment on "you knit inside out". I knit all the way down to the toe graft and then turn the sock right side out and graft. I am also IMing son, he is enjoying his new home very much. They had 2 inches of snow last night, but do not salt the roads for environmental reasons, they use gravel. Don't have pictures but he promised some, so will post one or two for one when I get them. Pictures of Islay, just because, sorry they are a little dark and it looks like she has no eyes, but that's how it is when you own a devil dog.

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