Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Special Gifts

Finishing up two projects today, so no knitting pictures, instead a few pictures of Christmas gifts I was so happy to receive this year.

Hot chocolate and cake. Three wonderful pincushions from the very talented Betz White. These were a Christmas gift to myself after looking at them for ages on Etsy. One of the cups did come from Etsy, the other from the Wool Shack (in Australia) and the cupcake came from Inspireco. They are constructed from recycled sweaters that have been felted. Betz has a book coming out sometime next year, with 30 felted projects, if you every need inspiration check out her blog, you will leave it feeling rejuvinated.
Two spectacular gifts from my husband. This book is a little costly but a portion of the proceeds benefits The Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund. It's marketed as an Illustrated Biography but it's as if you were looking at her scrapbook. It's a treasure trove of pictures, playbills, even a birth announcement for her first son Sean. The cadid and professional pictures of Audrey are spectacular and her beauty inside and out will take your breath away.
This gift was a total surprise, not the kind of thing I would ever expect Bill to buy. The original Dr. Who with William Hartnell, I remember sitting in front of the tv that November night and being captivated by the Dr. and his grand-daughter Susan. Who would have thought that 43 years later the Dr. would still be captivating.

I found this book purely by accident at Borders while browsing for Christmas gifts. I had to buy it, and actually went back and bought another to send to my mother. It is absolutely charming and if you are a Beatrix Potter fan you will adore it. I am hoping to find the time to see Miss Potter soon.
For any child this book would be a wonderful introduction to the world of Beatrix Potter. It's full of drawings, letters, cards and journals as it weaves through her life. At the back of the book, under a secret compartment, is a copy of The Tales of Peter Rabbit.
This is a joyful book that you will rediscover over and over again.

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Betz White said...

Thanks for your nice comments and post! You are so funny...I can't believe you bought my work from 3 different places! And what are the odds that you ended up with matching cups...unreal. Thanks again...