Thursday, January 11, 2007

Posh Socks for Nidhi

Socks for my son's New York roomate, Nidhi. They are Posh Yarn, Lucia, colourway Highland Fling (70% wool, 30% cashmere), hand painted by Dee. Now that James has moved on to Colorado, I wanted to thank her for her generosity and kindness, I hope she knows how much it was appreciated. The yarn came from the Loopy Ewe, the funny thing is it was the exact same colourway that Connie of Pick Up Sticks choose to include in my December Sock Club.
I took this picture yesterday, and as you can see we had a little snow. The tree is a Harry Lauder Walking stick, and its branches curl that way naturally. It has been growing in the same spot for almost 20 years, and looks much more interesting in the winter than it does in the summer.
I finished this little felted lingerie bag the other day, it's my first attempt at fully lining and it turned out rather well. I just finished felting an old striped jumper of James', and will move on to bigger bags now that I am feeling more confident about the lining.

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