Friday, January 5, 2007

Red Scarves

3 Red Scarves for The Red Scarf Project, I will mail them on Monday along with Starbucks Gift Cards and some imported chocolate bars.

This has been a fun project, I know they say to make them generic so either a male or female could wear them, but I strayed from the path. I have 2 very girly scaves, and 1 rather male. The one on the far right is fluffy and even has a little fun fur down the middle. The center is the male scarf, it is reversible, its a knit row, and a p1, k1 row. The cherry red on the left is a soft fun fur with flecks of yellow, blue, green and purple, it has a fringe of red and white i-cords. I have enough red in my stash to knit a red scarf every other month this year, I hope to mail 6 scarves in January of 2008.

To see more Red Scarves take a trip over to Norma.


Norma said...

It's a beautiful assortment of scarves. Once again, thank you!

clarice said...

Beautiful scarf’s (I have to learn how to make an i-cord). I had not heard about the red scarf project. I am thinking this would be great idea for the girls. Thank you for sharing about it. Clarice

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

I think they will love your "very girly scarves" and "rather male" scarf. They probably get tired of the generic look. How wonderful of you to knit and donate them. :-)